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Change from the Inside Out

About the Program Designer

Michael VanderdonkButterfly Effect Life Transformation is the brain child of Michael Vanderdonk. He has a long and wide ranging history in learning and implementing fast and effective change. He has run his own Life Changing Practice since 2004. He has used these powerful change methods in corporations, from large multinationals to startups, from international investment banks to world renown consulting firms since 1994.

He has helped hundreds of people change their lives for the better. Breaking through their limits and achieving fantastic results. His clients come to him to lose weight, overcome addictions, change their limiting beliefs, beat depression, create beneficial habits and much more.

The difference that makes the difference

Michael has worked consistently with the idea that his clients want to experience results as soon as possible - not some vague information, feel good new age rubbish or mounds of tables and graphs that does not help them change. And while working with clients day to day, he discovered that he was repeating certain methods over and over again. He began collecting these methods which now make up the Butterfly Life Transformation program. These methods are not just to give you information about losing weight, but also give you the skills needed to change!

"You can read a thousand books on weight loss, and still stay the same. Having all the information in the world does not help you become thin. Yet you can easily learn the skills required and stay thin forever."
                                    ~ Michael Vanderdonk

Michael holds a Bachelor of Science. He also holds a Graduate Diploma in NLP, and is a qualified NLP trainer. He is also a qualified hypnotist, having trained with many of the worlds best training organisations. He is a qualified New Code NLP coach, in addition to being an Aikido instructor.

This site and program is here to give you some of the Michael's transformational strategies, methods, tactics and techniques for changing yourself and your body. This site will allow you to experience, not just read about, the methods he uses to get the results you want.


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